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Friday, October 10, 2014

Listen Up!

I have not posted in some time, but upon reading the latest post to Things That Make You Go Hmmm… from Grant Williams of Mauldin Economics, I found it worthy of sharing. Grant was the choice of Ron Paul to be Fed chairman — while it was being wound down.

This requires a bit of time, so wait until you have a half an hour or so if you are inclined to read it as this deserves your full attention. You will find it to be time well spent.

Read, absorb, process, and retain.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

For Posterity

As readers of this blog know, I stand in opposition to the Federal Reserve System, fiat money, and fractional reserve banking as destroyers of Liberty and Economic Freedom. The dissolution of the Federal Reserve System and a return to economic liberty and free markets based on sound money is the only hope I see for the American people to achieve the independence and economic freedom for which our forefathers shed their blood.

If you would have paper money of no intrinsic or stable value, so be it, but surely perpetual interest should not be paid to the creators of such a medium of exchange merely for the simple act of printing. Those entrusted with the sole power to create, increase, and decrease the amount of a country's currency in circulation have the power to touch the lives of every one of its citizens in profound ways. When the power to charge interest perpetually on the money they create is added to this already overwhelming power, the path to debt slavery is clear.  Why would a people choose to grant this power over their lives to private bankers?

Thomas Jefferson noted in a letter to Samuel Kercheval dated July 12, 1816, “We must make our selection between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.” We are only now beginning to see the results of choosing wrongly in this regard. The profusion was only temporary, but the servitude will be permanent lest we see our shackles for what they truly are — paper.

This blog shall remain, as long as free speech is allowed in America, for all who care to read. The links above are, more or less, stand alone pieces written by myself and others that are important to understanding the larger picture concerning the role of sound money in the preservation of freedom. If I run across anything else of particular importance related to the subject, I will add a link.

Thanks for reading,
Bob Baker